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Pre-caffeine tech: Egypt, WikiLeaks and the Internet

Internet monitoring group Renesys updated its infograph on the Egyptian Internet blackout.

A recent Twitter blog post alludes to WikiLeaks and #Egypt in a call for freedom of expression.

Julian Assange changes his hair a lot to confuse assassins or something -- and other big takeaways from the "60 Minutes" piece on Assange and WikiLeaks.

Mark Zuckerberg's appearance during Jesse Eisenberg's monologue on "Saturday Night Live" accurately summed up in one word by Andy Samberg: "Awk-berg!"

Hate those annoying advertisements on Facebook? Here's 30 Facebook ad parodies to make you cry ... tears of hilarity.

Android dethroned Nokia as the world's biggest operating system, according to a new report.

Meanwhile, more people are looking to buy a Windows phone than BlackBerry.

The iPad 2 will come with a Kindle-like anti-reflection screen and three different connectivity options: WiFi-only, GSM and CDMA -- as well as four free iPad browswers to replace Mobile Safari.

Kanye West OWNS the Internet!

In closing, Ice Cream Guy Caught in Thundersnow is now a meme.