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Pre-caffeine tech: Facebook hacks, life-saving apps

Two photos of Joe Biden from last night ... no, wait ...
Two photos of Joe Biden from last night ... no, wait ...via Buzzfeed

Mark Zuckerberg's Facebook's Facebook fan page got hacked, and now it's gone.

Your Facebook profile got hacked by Starbucks, or whatever branded item you "Like."

And the future of Facebook was foretold at the Inside Social Apps conference in San Francisco.

Commenters found reasons to rage over the fun n' informative Twitter profanity map, so mapmaker Daniel Huffman graciously joined the conversation under the story — and may I say, he's delightful.

The iPad newspaper "The Daily" is due out in about two weeks.

The data plan for the iPhone on Verizon Wireless' network will cost $30 a month — so everyone's doing a jig.

Biologists want to Taser a moose ... which is weird because moose don't attend baseball games. (Do they?)

In randomly related news, here's a smart phone app that aims to keep heart attack victims alive.

Of arguably equal importance: Here's the starting lineup for this weekend's Puppy Bowl!

And here's a sneak peak at Google's Groupon clone, Google Offers.

If you missed the State of the Union address last night because you accidentally watched "Tosh.0" reruns you've already seen, like a jillion times (and yet they're all still obnoxiously hilarious), never fear! Here's Buzzfeed's handy gallery of "The Best Faces oft The State of the Union."

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