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Pre-caffeine tech: Facebook search, hiding corgi!

via BuzzFeed
via BuzzFeed

Our pre-caffeine roundup is a collection of the hottest, strangest, and most amusing stories of the morning.

Lie about your identity on Facebook or delete files from your work laptop before you quit and you could run afoul of a 29-year-old U.S. computer security law that, following Aaron Swartz's death, some experts say has been changed so often it no longer makes sense.

In kind-of related news, Facebook's new "Graph Search" lets you search everything related to friends.

That's not creepy ... not very much, anyway.

Still, here's three privacy settings to tweak before Facebook Graph Search rolls out.

Also, here's why you should make Instagram private before Saturday.

Speaking of creepy, want to go on a blind date? OKCupid's new app hooks you up in a hurry.

And here's a a shock in the dark: a flashlight app tracks your location.

Homeland Security says you should still disable Java, despite the bug fix. 

Get ready for the big Google Glass hackathons, coming to San Francisco and New York. 

In closing: Can You Find The Corgi In These Pictures?

Compiled by Helen A.S. Popkin, who invites you to join her on Twitter and/or Facebook. Also, Google+.