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Pre-caffeine tech: Google projects, possum pics!

via BuzzFeed
via BuzzFeed

Our pre-caffeine roundup is a collection of the hottest, strangest, and most amusing stories of the morning.

As Israeli and Palestinian forces clash in Gaza this week, those same armies are engaging in a real-time battle of hashtags and twitpics, trying to win the hearts and minds of watchers around the globe. Here's what that looks like.

Meanwhile, hacker collective Anonymous has embarked on a campaign to harass and disable Israeli websites in response to the country's attacks on those tied to Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

A Google project hinted at in a number of cryptic messages around the Internet has been revealed as a massively multiplayer online game that uses the real world as its map.

The 8.9-inch Kindle Fire HD is now shipping.

Meanwhile, the LTE iPad Mini, 4th-gen iPad is now in stores.

For what it's worth, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says Microsoft may be more creative than Apple

Check out these crazy submicroscopic images from the 2012 FEI Image Contest!

Meanwhile, Nintendo mania will claim your kids -- according to this 1991 newscast, anyway.

Here's a rather interesting essay: The Myth of the Fake Geek Girl.

In closing, possums are just creepy. Agree or disagree?

— compiled by Helen A.S. Popkin, who invites you to join her on Twitter and/or Facebook. Also, Google+.