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Pre-caffeine tech: High tech ain't pretty

Oh dear! Facebook hired a P.R. firm to spread stories about Google invading your privacy.

Speaking of embarrassing, Facebook dumped Mark Zuckerberg's account ... just not that Mark Zuckerberg.

Oh. Well. You're probably spending too much time on Facebook, anyway. At least if you're a mom.

Meanwhile, Google and Amazon are facing off in cloud music war! Here's what you need to know

And you can lease a Google Chromebook for $20 a month!

Apple's iPad helped a legally blind woman see.

Microsoft issued Windows security patches, but Office for Mac users got left in the cold, reports Sophos.

Got a camera conundrum. Can't decide between point-and-shoot or SLR or ... cellphone? Bring your questions to our live chat at 3 p.m. ET/noon PT today.

Well, that didn't take long! The Governator already has an OKCupid profile! OK, it's no doubt fake ... but still funny!

Don't forget! Your computer job is still killing you! Here's how