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Pre-caffeine tech: Internet makes sad Koalas of us all

All the kids want Verizon iPhones — so Verizon Wireless stopped selling them ... temporarily. Demand was so huge that the No. 1 U.S. mobile operator shut down pre-orders to existing customers at 8:10 ET last night.

Why the demand? Well the reviews are pretty darn good. If you're wondering if you should get one, this should help you decide.

Unless you're in prison. A lawmaker in California has had it with the hijinks of inmates (including Charles Manson) who get cell phones smuggled to them, and plans to introduce legislation to criminalize cell phones in prison.

And if you're old(er), you probably don't even care about cell phones. You're probably more into your e-reader, according to this poll.

In other news, happy 7th birthday Facebook! Congress will see you about your privacy practices now, Mark Zuckerberg.

Meanwhile, Canada still wants to "discipline the Internet." (Good luck with that!)

Hey Hotmail users: You can now manage all your various e-mail accounts from the same inbox.

And Google's Chrome 9 is really big on Web apps.

Speaking of Google, let's have a look at Google Trends and see how you're doing on your New Year's resolutions, shall we?

Hmmmm....maybe not. The news may leave you like a sad Koala, eating an apple and looking back on his wild life.