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Pre-caffeine tech: Internet surprises, solar blobs! 

via BuzzFeed
via BuzzFeed

Our pre-caffeine roundup is a collection of the hottest, strangest, and most amusing stories of the morning.

So this is weird: Lennay Kekua, purported to be Manti Te'o's girlfriend, was a great big Internet hoax. Whether Te'o was a victim or perpetrator of the hoax, though, remains up for debate.

The U.S. Attorney prosecuting Aaron Swartz defends the office's conduct in the case

The White House raised the online petition threshold to 100,000.

Meanwhile, the FBI told ACLU that it won't be sharing how, when or why it tracks you via technology. 

And here are the 11 days of the year when people watch Internet porn the least. 

Calling all iPhone-based Facebook users! The social network launched a feature within its Messenger app that gives iPhone owners the ability to call each other while connected either via Wi-Fi or their wireless provider’s data network.

Meanwhile, FaceTime on AT&T has been extended to 3G users -- but still not to everyone.

A solar "blob" is coming! But never fear ... this show won't be scary.

Good news everybody! Yelp is adding hygiene scores to restaurant reviews in New York and San Francisco.

In closing: The 32 Absolute Best Selfies Of All Time.

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