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Pre-caffeine tech: iPhone mania, X-Men, Lego

via Buzzfeed

Lines formed outside Verizon stores this morning, as Apple fans awaited the first official sales of the long-awaited Verizon iPhone, ending AT&T's lock on the  coveted iDevice.

But AT&T ain't playin'! In an effort to keep its customers from straying to Verizon, it's offering an unlimited mobile-tomobile calling plan to any number. (Restrictions apply.)

Meanwhile, maybe you want to hold out for Verizon iPhone 5.  Apple hasn't even officially announced iPad 2, yet rumors about an iPad3 debuting in fall are already circulating. Just sayin'.

Here's an exlusive video of INQ's infamous Facebook phone. (It totally matches your brand new Facebook car!)

OK, just one more thing about smart phones before we move on, and that's this: Hackers onlyneed six minutes to reveal your iPhone password!!!!!

Speaking of hackers, here's how Anonymous made one guy's life majorly miserable after he said he had the goods on the group behind everything from Scientology protests to pro-Wikileaks attacks on MasterCard and Visa.

Oh, and this one WikiLeaks defector totally slams Julian Assange in a new tell-all book. (No mention if there's a chapter about Assange's hair.)

During the final moments of last Sunday's Super Bowl, fans sent 4,064 Tweets per second (TPS) – the highest TPS for any sporting event. Ever. (But still not as much as New Year's.)

OMG! OMG! OMG! The Trailer for "X-Men: First Class" debuts on Facebook tomorrow! TOMORROW!

Speaking of awesome, check out 10 famous photos recreated with Lego. LEGO!