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Pre-caffeine tech: iPhone wars! Skeletons of light!

Reviews are rolling in for the Verizon iPhone ...

... but seriously y'all, is anybody really surprised that Verizon will throttle data speeds in order to prep for the iPhone load?

Meanwhile, AT&T has a set of slightly more fair wireless data plans.

Google has a plan to beat iPad ... which begs for a "Battlestar Galactica" reference, but I got nothin'.

Speaking of plans: Egypt's Internet is up and running again, but anonymous hackers shut down the government's website.

And Cairo's band of geeks survived the Tahrir Square assault.

WikiLeaks is threatening to sue the Guardian for libel: "Now can we all accept that Julian Assange is a fame-hungry, media-manipulating hypocrite?"

Those five years worth of photos Flickr accidentally deleted from some innocent dude's account? Good news, they got 'em back! That will surely change the fact that Facebook is handily stomping Flickr in the photo-sharing business ... or not.

Speaking of Facebook, chatty spammers are crapping up accounts site wide.

And here's the most stunningly spectral light painting you'll ever see ... EVER