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Pre-caffeine tech: 'Mass Effect' madness, 'Strange Addictions'

Google Wednesday shared photos and video from its Street View project in the Amazon, an enormous project it began last summer. Check it out -- it's wicked cool!

Speaking of Google, the search giant's streaming music service does have a daily limit -- but most people never reach it

Just because three major online dating sites have agreed to screen for sex offenders and offer some advice about predators doesn't get you off the hook. You still need to be careful. Very careful.

Hey, you know where it's not a big deal when one woman proposes to another during a hockeygame? Canada, that's where. A video shot by the Ottawa Senators during a St. Patrick's Day game Saturday has ignited awwwws across that country and ours, and beyond,

The rage over the "Mass Effect 3" ending gets answered! 

Every time a new gadget is released, especially an Apple gadget, videos showing the destruction of that new toy appear on the Internet. Here's one getting destroyed with lasers

BioWare responds to gamer complaints --  now that's service

Speaking of games, FarmVille creator Zynga just bought Draw Something for $200 million! (Draw Something gained more than 35 million downloads in just six weeks!) 

And here's the 35 Most Horrifying “My Strange Addiction” Screen Caps, brought to you by BuzzFeed's intrepid Matt Stopera (And you think you have problems.)

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