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Pre-caffeine tech: Pug alphabet, Google surprises! 

Bah Humpug via Buzzfeed
Bah Humpug via Buzzfeed

Our pre-caffeine roundup is a collection of the hottest, strangest, and most amusing stories of the morning. Here's everything that you need to know before taking that first sip of coffee today.

Microsoft is dropping $300 million into the Barnes & Nobel Nook e-Reader (which competes with Amazon's Kindle). Insert MySpace jokes here

(Want to see Nook glow in the dark? Check it out!)

Speaking of Microsoft,  ithe Windows Phone is still way behind rivals such as Android and iPhone, the company received an unexpected endorsement from none other than Apple co-founder Steve "Woz" Wozniak. ( is a joint venture of Microsoft and NBC Universal.)

Speaking of famous tech people talking about stuff, Mark Zuckerberg is on "Good Morning America" tomorrow, revealing some new Facebook feature that could "save lives." 

Facebook also added names to Friend photos in your Timeline -- it's a minor tweak but you may find it aesthetically pleasing

So your Facebook "Likes" are not protected speech, at least according to this judge

Intrigue! A Google engineer who wrote a computer program capable of collecting personal data from people's home wireless networks, told at least two other Google employees about it, but Google told the feds it totally didn't know anything about it! 

Meanwhile, here's a Google Easter egg you'll actually enjoy -- at least if you're into Zerg Rush

Want to know why cats are better than dogs, at least according to the Internet? Here's some facts and speculation on that very conundrum! 

In closing, an adorable pug alphabet

— compiled by Helen A.S. Popkin, who invites you to join her on Twitter and/or FacebookAlso, Google+.