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Pre-caffeine tech: Star Trek Tech, Puppy Bowl exposed!

Puppy Bowl FTW!
Puppy Bowl FTW!

Super Bowl Sunday was a big day for tech ads, including a Facebook car, a sneezing cat augmenting that creepy talking baby and a couple of Oscar winners in Groupon commercials that would do Kenneth Cole proud.

Speaking of football, Apple iPads may be the playbooks of tomorrow.

Speaking of hot messes, AOL picked up Huffington Post for a cool $315 million, and made co-founder Ariana Huffington Editor In Chief of AOL. Here's what to expect from that awesome merger.

Investigators are trying to identify hackers who broke into systems for the Nasdaq stock market repeatedly over more than a year. 

Meanwhile, Motorola's iPad clone Xoom will cost $800 and hit Best Buy on Feb. 24.

HP's giant reclining touch screen computer looks like Sulu's navigation center aboard a pre-U.S.S. Enterprise D. Check it out.

A Sumo match-fixing ring was revealed via text messages, once again proving tech is no friend to the wicked.

Also, this burglar totally got busted after he left his cell phone charging at the scene of the crime.

Malcolm Gladwell may have awesome hair, but he's still missing the point about social media and activism.

In closing, perhaps the most important news story of 2011: A Day in the Life of Puppy Bowl, Behind the Scenes.

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