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Pre-caffeine tech: Tech wars, yawning pups

Egypt is online again! Here's what that looks like.

And good news travelers! The TSA's working on a new body scanner that shows bombs and guns, but not your junk.

In other travel news, here's a map that shows the kinkiest states in the U.S.for some reason. Online dating sites were used to gather the info.

In other online dating news, here's a heartbroken mom scammed out of $127K by fraudsters posing as a handsome U.S. soldier.

Stop checking your symptoms online — it's making doctors mad!

In other news, it is perfectly ok to check the Internet for a sneak peak at the iPad 2 screen — here it is now!

Speaking of Apple (you heard me!), the war continues on Sony e-Reader and Kindle, apparently.

Microsoft and Google are punching each other in the face right in front of us!

Foursquare totally killed Supergirl!

And Dogster is lousy with adorable yawning dogs! (So at least we got that goin' for us.)

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