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Ready, Aim, Fire! Google Glass-equipped Rifles Can Shoot Around Corners

Novice shooters using TrackingPoint rifles already can hit targets 1,000 yards away. Soon they will be able to shoot around corners.
Tracking Point Google Glass
Tracking Point

Powerful “smart” rifles can already enable newbies to shoot like expert marksmen and video-stream shots to an iPhone. Now the firearms can also connect to Google Glass.

TrackingPoint began selling its rifles to the public in 2013. The Austin-based company’s “precision-guided firearms” use a tracking scope and guided trigger to allow even novice shooters to hit a target from 1,000 yards away. It works well enough that the U.S. military ordered six rifle kits from the company earlier this year.

The feed from the rifle's scope can be live-streamed to a smartphone, tablet and now Google Glass.

“Wearable technology allows for accurate shots from around corners, from unsupported positions, behind the back, to the side and over barricades,” a TrackingPoint video released on Wednesday claims.

Snipers looking to pull off some no-look shots will have to wait. The ShotView app for Google Glass is not available to the public yet, unlike Google Glass itself, which is now being sold to anybody who wants to fork over at least $1,500 for the wearable device.

That is on top of the nearly $10,000 it costs for the cheapest TrackingPoint rifle. Thanks to technology, becoming a modern Annie Oakley is only a matter of opening up your wallet.