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'Rent's Too High' guy not so funny

UPDATE Lawrence O'Donnell's exclusive interview this Gawker story website meme New York Post Gawker New York Times article Room Eight 2009 mayoral campaign "The Jimmy McMillan Show"

This is true all Latinos/ Hispanics/ Blacks/ Others... as well as every religious group other than Judiasm are being run out of this area. The Williamsburg Section of Brooklyn, NY. Don't take our word go to Flushings Ave and Bedford Ave/ Lee Ave and Nostrand Ave witness the Hate by the people of the Jewish Faith. If you are not JEWISH you are “PROHIBITED” from living in this area. After the world fought hard to free the JEWISH people from the hands of HITLER. They should be shame of themselves for discriminating in housing against the people in the State of New York especially in the city of Brooklyn. They are violating every Housing Act written in the constitution and no one will address it because they are afraid they will be called Anti-Semantic and accuse of Anti-Semitism.

"During this campaign someone choose to label me Anti-Semantic and An ti-Semite. Let me correct this definition for you just incase you have an educational problem, and difficulties. Someone is trying to make the word/name Jew - Jewish a Race, and that will never happen. This definition must be correct at once. Some damages had already been done but it's not too late to repair what has been done. we must move quickly before the Dictionary and Encyclopedia put the wrong definition in there publications."