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Report: Megaupload data safe for two more weeks

On Monday, federal prosecutors said that data from Megaupload's 50 million users could be deleted as soon as Thursday. A new report, however, offers fresh hope to those desperate to save their data — which includes personal photos and documents.

CNET reports that Carpathia Hosting and Cogent Communications, the two firms hosting data for Megaupload, have "agreed to preserve the material [for] a minimum of two weeks, according to Ira Rothken, Megaupload's U.S. attorney."

This extension offers Megaupload a bit more time to negotiate with the U.S. government "about finding a permanent solution to the user-data issue." 

As the Associated Press reported on Monday, Megaupload's assets are frozen by the U.S. government, assets which are necessary to pay Carpathia Hosting and Cogent Communications to host data. At the time of that report, Rothken emphasized the importance of finding a solution which is favorable to Megaupload's customers:

We're cautiously optimistic at this point that because the United States, as well as Megaupload, should have a common desire to protect consumers, that this type of agreement will get done.

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