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Report: New Mac Mini and white MacBook coming soon

Yesterday there was a report which claimed that Apple would be updating its line of Mac Pro desktop computers soon, but today we're hearing a different story. It turns out that it's not the Mac Pro which might be getting a refresh, but the Mac Mini. Oh, and there are whispers that a new white MacBook could be on its way, too.

The folks at 9to5 Mac — who originally reported on the Mac Pro refresh based on leaked Apple part numbers — explain that they've received new information from their mysterious source:

[W]e have obtained some new information from our source, Mr. X, about Apple’s next Macs. Now that we have this info, we have determined that part numbers for new Mac Pros are not yet available. Instead, these part numbers are actually for an upgraded white MacBook and new Mac mini line.

Of course, just because the part numbers for the Mac Pro aren't available yet doesn't mean that the desktop line won't get an update. Based on Apple's product refresh pattern, we are likely to see some shiny new Mac towers around this month.

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