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Report: Next iPhone will be cheaper, but not smaller

First we heard that Apple is working on a cheaper, smaller iPhone, then we heard that the company is working on larger iPhone, now we're hearing that there won't be a smaller iPhone, but there will be a cheaper version.

The New York Times reports that individuals briefed on Apple's plans have shared details that the company plans to develop a smaller iPhone — contrary to recent reports:

[A] person who is in direct contact with Apple also said that the company would not make a smaller iPhone at this time, in part because a smaller device would not necessarily be much cheaper to manufacture and because it would be more difficult to operate. More important, a phone with a smaller screen would force many developers to rewrite their apps, which Apple wants to avoid, the person said. Apple is also considering changing internal components of the device to bring costs down. “Although the innards of the phone, including memory size or camera quality, could change to offer a less expensive model, the size of the device would not vary,” said the person, who has worked on multiple versions of the device.

Just like the other reports, this one should be taken with a great serving of salt. But it can also be taken with the hope that Apple learned that Apple realized that bigger is in fact better sometimes — at least when it comes to smart phones.

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