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Rumor: Apple is making an 'iPad 2 Plus'

While iPhone gossip has been hogging the spotlight lately, iPad rumors are still floating around. Among the latest? Suggestions that Apple intends to release an "iPad 2 Plus," essentially a slightly upgraded iPad 2. 

This rumor started with a note FBR Capital analyst Craig Berger wrote to Forbes' writer Eric Savitz. In this note Berger explains that such a move would fit in with production goals and part availabilities:

“We hear Apple could migrate the iPad’s display resolution from a current pixel density of 132 ppi to 250-300 ppi for the ‘iPad 2 Plus’ (note that the iPhone 4′s screen is 326 ppi),” he writes. “If this device does come out as a high-end iPad for the holidays, then Q4 production volumes could diminish somewhat as screen constraints again arise as LG and/or Samsung would likely have difficulties ramping screen yield rates for these high resolution displays right out of the gate. While we find this new commentary interesting, we await more confirming data points from other supply chain contacts before fully believing a new iPad device is coming in 2011.” 

It's worth noting that while this is one of the first times anyone's dubbed the next generation iPad as the "iPad 2 Plus," we have heard whispers that a third iPad could hit shelves this year before.

Considering that it's barely been a few months since the release of the iPad 2, we've gotta wonder: Just how frustrated will Apple fans be over the fact that their still shiny hardware might soon be considered out-of-date and last generation already?

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