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Rumor: High-resolution displays destined for iPad 3

Hardware maker Samsung is showing off new high-resolution displays and causing Apple rumors to begin flying once again. After all, this new display technology would be ideal for the iPad 3.

TUAW reports that the new Samsung displays — with their 2560 x 1600 resolution and 300dpi quality— are comparable to the Retina Displays used in the iPhone 4. And that's making our ears perk up since we've heard plenty of whispers that Apple is hoping to bring such displays to future generations of the iPad.

Now while the new 10.1-inch Samsung displays being shown off during the  SID Display Week 2011 International Symposium aren't exactly perfectly suited for Apple's tablet — the iPad curently measures in at 9.7-inches  — they do show that similar high-resolution displays might be a feasible option for tablets now:

Samsung's new display does prove that high-res, tablet-sized displays are indeed possible without giving up power efficiency, which makes it all the more likely that we'll see a Retina Display quality touchscreen in the iPad 3. It's previously been rumored that Apple wanted to include such technology in the iPad 2, but was unable to do so because of high costs and manufacturing constraints.

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