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Rumor: Not one, but two iPhones coming in fall?

We've heard all sorts of reports about the next generation iPhone. It might be cheap. It might be small. It might be cheap, but not small. It might have a redesigned and curved screen. It might look just like the current iPhone. The contradictions are enough to make our heads spin! But now there's a rumor which could make all the puzzle pieces fit: There might be two iPhones.

9to5Mac reports that an unnamed source who "has been reliable in the past" suggested that Apple is intending on releasing two different iPhones this September — a cheaper, lower-end model and a totally redesigned high-end device. 

The source didn't provide many details beyond that, so we can all start speculating just what these next generation iPhones will be like. In other words: Prepare yourself for double doses of Apple rumors, folks.

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