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Samsung's iPhone-mocking ads jump the shark


Even I, a shameless Apple fangirl, couldn't keep myself from laughing when I saw the first of Samsung's new Galaxy S II commercials. It mocked the bizarre behavior of iPhone fanboys and it was hilarious. I couldn't wait to see the next few ads in the series.

Then I actually saw two more of these new ads.

What happened to the humor? What happened to the cheekiness? What happened to ... basic facts?

The first of the two new ads isn't awful. It's mostly just plain dull and only redeemed as one of the iPhone fanboys declares that waiting in line for a new Apple product is "our generation's Woodstock." (Granted I may be the only one who finds that part amusing because I have heard similar — very serious — declarations while waiting in line for an iPad.)

The second new ad — which is the third in the series — is where everything falls apart entirely.

We're presented with an iPhone fanboy who jumps out of a product line and runs into a nearby clothing shop. He desperately needs a pair of thumbless gloves. An employee explains that the shop is out of thumbless gloves and offers him a pair of regular gloves while pointing out that they're warmer anyway. The iPhone fanboy declines and gestures to his iPhone. He can't type with those gloves.

At this point the employee whips out her Galaxy S II and demonstrates that she can dictate a text message to it — no bare-finger-to-screen contact necessary. The iPhone fanboy is in awe.

Yes, you read that correctly.

The ad wants us to believe that the iPhone fanboy — who should be familiar with Siri considering that he is portrayed as obsessed with Apple products — is amazed by the speech-to-text capabilities of the Galaxy S II. And that he would behave as if he'd never imagined such a feature could exist.

C'mon, Samsung. You can do better than this — and you should. In the meantime, I'll pretend that there was only one single iPhone-mocking Galaxy S II commercial.

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