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SFPD says it helped Apple in iPhone hunt, says SF Weekly (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Monday 2 p.m. ET: The San Francisco Chronicle confirms that four officers accompanied two Apple investigators to the home, and that the officers did not go in, citing San Francisco Police Chief Greg Suhr. Suhr explained to the paper that it was not uncommon for officers to accompany investigators, and that Apple had the right, as the company who lost the property, to request that a report not be filed.

SF Weekly's deep investigation of the alleged hunt for a missing iPhone has another twist to it: The San Francisco Police Department previously told SF Weekly that it was not involved in a hunt for a missing iPhone, giving the assumption that Apple investigators were impersonating officers. Now the SFPD says it did indeed accompany Apple and stood by while company officials searched a man's home. 

In what sounds like a complete reversal, SFPD told SF Weekly that "three or four" officers did in fact accompany two Apple security staffers to a home in search of a missing iPhone. However, this is where the tale gets even more sinister: According to the SFPD representative that SF Weekly talked to, the officers did not accompany the Apple investigators into the home for the search.

(Read the story for more details — SF Weekly is doing a great job handling this story.)

OK, so impersonating a police officer may be a felony crime, but what do you call it when police officers allow private investigators to do the leg work? This saga has gone from 10 p.m. cop drama to midnight film noir, and there's still no sign of the Maltese Falcon — I mean, missing iPhone.

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