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'Skyrim' cover-singer returns with another hit


Gaming songstress and YouTube star Judith de los Santos (aka Malukah) has returned to the world of "Skyrim" to produce yet another haunting song.

This time around the singer and composer from Mexico has put together her own rendition of "Tale of The Tongues" from the "The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim" soundtrack.

Judith's original cover of "The Dragonborn Comes" has been viewed 8 million times on YouTube and her entire YouTube channel has received nearly 14 million views with just 9 videos.  Since her first song, Judith has recorded several other songs from the "Skyrim" soundtrack as well as a very popular tribute to "Mass Effect 3." 

The success of Malukah's videos is just one example of the dedication and talent video game fans are bringing to the medium -- so much so that the fans are now getting their own fans. 

You can follow Judith de los Santos on her Facebook page here. And I just so happen to have a Facebook page myself if you have any video game questions or just want to chat about games. 

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