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Social media and sonograms: 3-D printed babies provide a new way to overshare

3D Babies

It's perfect for the expectant parent whose friends have blocked them on Facebook for sharing too many ultrasounds.

The latest development for the tech-crazy soon-to-be mom or dad takes the idea of preparing for the new baby to a whole other level: 3-D printed versions of the unborn progeny.

Yes, this is real. A company called 3D Babies (naturally) offers mamas and papas the opportunity to make a full-size copy of their baby before it's born, based on ultrasound images. All the couple has to do is send in a few shots, of course, in both portrait and profile view, to make sure the model is accurate (unflattering poses can be corrected). The maximum size is 8 inches "from crown to rump," so don't let baby get too big before his or her close-up.

Or, if the excited parents unthinkingly gave birth without first printing a preview of their child, they can send in a regular photo and have the company put together a 3-D model based on that. Good party favors for the baby shower! Who wouldn't want to receive a box like this one?

Note that unlike real babies, this baby will be composed of hard, unyielding thermoplastic.

There are three sizes to choose from: full ($600), half-size ($400), and mini ($200), as well as three skin tones. Second fake baby is 10 percent off with promo code LOVE.

But why should parents have all the fun? For the couple that isn't expecting, the company offers up a celebrity baby. That's right, the fruit of the union of Kanye West and Kim Kardashian can be yours in 3-D printed form — your own North West (mini size only).

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