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Some Twitter users see blank pages

Twitter has experienced some weird behavior this week, for sure. Some users of Twitter's 200 million registered accounts have seen blank pages when they go to the short messaging blog, instead of the usual "fail whale" they're familiar with when Twitter is "over capacity," or if there are other issues. The fail whale is the best-known symbol of problems on Twitter.

But the blank screen seem to be a new one.

"My screen is blank.. please help me.. i really want to use twitter right now," and "Receiving the blank screen problem again. this is my fourth time encountering this. it has been a few days of experiencing this problem. please fix this ASAP, thank you," are among the messages on Twitter's support site.

It's not a "bug," Twitter says, and the problem seems to be effecting users of #NewTwitter, the site's updated version of Twitter. It's not known how many people are getting the blank page.

Twitter offers a walk-through of what to do first if you do encounter it:

1. Clear your cache and cookies2. Make sure javascript is enabled 3. Make sure you are not running any add-ons, scripts or plugins4. Refresh the page 5. Try using instead of

If you're still getting a blank page, Twitter recommends upgrading your Web browser immediately. "Many users reporting this error have noted that a browser upgrade fixes the problem."

Miss seeing the fail whale, though?

Ken Godskind, chief strategy officer for AlertSite, a Web performance monitoring company, told that "the fail whale is displayed as a courtesy message when Twitter is aware that they are having issues or are over capacity. One could speculate that ending up at a blank screen indicates this is a new type of issue that Twitter does not yet automatically detect so that they can display the friendlier more humorous fail whale."

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