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Sony announces 25-game Vita launch lineup in US


We've known for awhile that Sony's PlayStation Vita would hit U.S. and Canadian store shelves next year on Feb. 22. Now we know exactly what games will be available alongside that launch, as well as how much some crucial accessories will set us back.

Today, Sony posted a list of 25 games, as well as 10 more that will be on shelves in the less well-defined "launch window."

The launch day list includes eight titles published by Sony, including new portable editions in major franchises including Uncharted, WipEout and Hot Shots Golf. Third party developers are also bringing some big names to the system, including Ubisoft's "Michael Jackson: The Experience," Namco Bandai's "Touch My Katamari," Sega's "Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition" and Popcap's "Plants vs. Zombies."

New franchises making their premiere with the Vita launch include fantasy war game "Army Corps of Hell," puzzle title "Escape Plan," and mini-game collection "Little Deviants," which is designed to show off the Vita's numerous different control methods.

Sony didn't offer specific pricing for the various games, but said retail titles will run for as much as $50 in some cases, well above recent standards for portable games.

Games downloaded to the Vita via the PlayStation Store will cost as little as $10, Sony said, but downloaders will have to pay dearly for the memory cards that will store those games, starting at $20 for a 4GB option and up to $100 for a 32GB option. Comparably sized standard SD cards, which sell for roughly a third of those prices, won't work in the Vita — Sony says it's relying on its pricier proprietary cards for security reasons.

It's a long wait until Feb. 22, but those who pre-order a $350 Vita bundle with a game and accessories can get their hands on the system a week early, and will also be able to purchase select titles before the official launch, Sony said.

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