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Super Obama vs. Bowser Laden in weird parody

File this one away as one of the potentially weirdest video game parodies ever. French TV show, "Tout le monde i lest Beau," has reenacted the 9/11 attacks, and the struggle to find Osama bin Laden in the form of a Super Mario Bros parody. 

In “Super President Brothers: The Hunt for Bowser Laden,” former president George W. Bush and President Barack Obama search for bin Laden in a Mario Bros-like universe full of bearded Koopa Troopas, finding bin Laden inside a Bowser turtle shell.

The second half is amusing seeing bin Laden run away in the middle, shooting one of his infamous videos in a cave. And “Super Mario Bros” always triggers a Pavlovian nostalgic response for many of us. But seeing a plane in a video game style strike the Twin Towers is in bad taste; at least I don’t find it funny. Not exactly the most original idea for a video ever, either.

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