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'Sword & Sworcery' has arrived on the PC

Sword & Sworcery LP

Ever since the arrival of "Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP," it has been a source of temptation and torment for those without an iOS device. But now, a significantly larger chunk of the gaming audience can finally enjoy its pixelated fantasy realm, its rich and atmospheric soundtrack, and intriguing Twitter integration via the just-released "Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery LP" for the PC.

The PC port, now available on Steam, is the latest iteration of what was originally intended to be an iPhone 4 only game, which has since become a seminal indie game release, regardless of platform. Most recently, it was awarded Best Mobile Game at this year's Game Developers Choice Awards:

The game describes itself as a "collaborative video game-type project," made in Toronto. Among those involved is Capy Games, the indie studio operated by Nathan Vella, whom recently profiled, and indie rocker Jim Guthrie.

You also have the various other individuals involved within Superbrothers, a rather mysterious and enigmatic (by design) collective who, instead of seeking the spotlight, choses to remain unidentified and instead be the "unified voice of the project."

On its homepage, Superbrothers recently posted a fictional conversation with the president of Nintendo, Satoru Iwata, similar to how he talks with his own developers, via his company's "Iwata Asks" column. Included are reflections on the game's evolution, from the small screen to a much bigger one:

The thing is, we created S:S&S EP on PC. The pixel painting program we use here at Superbrothers - Pro Motion by Cosmigo - is only for PC, plus the engineers at Capy constructed the project in a PC environment, with mouse input enabled for playtesting. For this reason we've always known that at its heart S:S&S EP is a kind of streamlined genre-bending 21st century point & click adventure game, and the idea of firming up an edition of the project for the electric computer was discussed.

Because atmosphere is such a key component of the game, asked what the optimal conditions to enjoy "Sword & Sworcery" are. A Superbrothers representative said:

[Ultimately] S:S&S EP is an iPhone + headphones experience, best enjoyed outside on a warm night with the moon overhead, in a hammock or sitting on some grass under some trees.

"Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery LP" costs $7.99, but until April 23, it can be purchased for $5.99. Each digital copy of the game also has the full soundtrack. Currently, it's only available for the PC, but a Mac version will be available "before the summer solstice," said Superbrothers.

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