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Teens arrested over bizarre Facebook death plot

We may sometimes whine about the weird stuff that happens because of Facebook, but — unlike one very unfortunate middle schooler — we have at least never found ourselves scared for our lives because of the social networking site. After all, a few pokes can't kill, right?

The Smoking Gun reports that four teenagers were recently arrested for posting a series of threatening Facebook messages after they suspected a young man of being the "snitch" who got their friend, 13-year-old Nicholas Gonzalez, caught in possession of a firearm at school. Yes, middle schools are getting to be a scary place these days.

The teenagers were arrested and charged with aggravated stalking after the threatened boy's mother shared concerns with authorities. Officers were quick to subpoena Facebook, which almost instantly provided them with the identities and locations of the individuals involved the bizarre and frightening exchange of Facebook messages that brought the whole mess to light.

It's difficult to imagine how Nicole Cruz, Amber Fredrick (listed as "Amber Love" in the police statement), Hope Williams, and Camren Monroe could possibly have thought that it'd be wise to post what equates to a death plot on such a semi-public medium, but here's what they wound up writing anyway:

Nicole Cruz: Feels like my life is falling best friend is in jail...and I feel as if I'm losing the love of my life. My life is going to hell so @!$%# it. Let me fall to pieces...i've lost the feeling to care anymore...i'm so numb. Nicole Cruz: Found out who Nick's snitch is...[REDACTED] Amber Love: Boo boo I need u to show me who that [REDACTED] kid is so I can kick he ass. Nicole Cruz: Alrighty, will o. He @!$%#ing ruined my bestfriend's life! And ima end his!! Amber Love: Oh that little bitch is dead. Just u have to show me who he is first then he is dead. Hope WIlliams: IMA HELP KILL HIM!! THAT PUNK RUINED OUR LIVES!! HES SOO DEAD!! Camren Monroe: Me and Hope can. Who the @!$%# is the prick? Amber Love: idk who he is Camren Monroe: Sounds like a [REDACTED] grader Nicole Cruz: He's in [REDACTED] and I can put an end to that mother @!$%#ers life! Camren Monroe: Ima kill his ass

If that's not already enough to make you scared of any nearby 13- and 14-year-old, then consider this: The boy they were threatening to kill was not involved at all in the investigation that led to the arrest of Nicholas Gonzalez. The lesson? Facebook might not kill you, but rumors posted there certainly might.

Rosa Golijan writes about tech here and there. If she wasn't obsessed with Twitter and worried that you might poke her to death, she'd tell you to go like her on Facebook