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'Tetris' the movie, the invasion begins

The sky darkens, the invasion commences, and awesomeness explodes all over YouTube. This my friends is a "total extinction level event."

This fake video game movie adaptation just made my day. The "Tetris" movie trailer is mocking the recent movie "Battleship" for being made ... or for even being considered ... taking a few well-deserved jabs at Hollywood's overly dramatic action films that have become so desperate for originality, they'll turn board games into summer blockbusters ("Clue" being the exception).

The live -action trailer for "Tetris" the movie was made by video game enthusiasts and YouTube group Warialasky also known for their popular videos "Skyrim: Modern Dovahkiin" and "Real Life Goldeneye 64."

Come on Hollywood, you made "Battleship!" Don't you think "Tetris" would make a good fit? See what I did there?

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