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Tim Schafer has so much money, he doesn't know what to do

Tim Schafer
Double Fine/Venture Beat

With a little over 24 hours left to go for the now historic Double Fine Adventure Kickstarter, Tim Schafer and company are within sight of the $3 million mark, which is well past the original goal of $400,000. With so much money at his disposal, Schafer seriously doesn't know what to do, as these photos show.

The images were supplied to Cliff Bleszinksi, this year's host of the Game Developers Choice Awards at the recent Game Developer Conference, as "inspiration," and were republished by VentureBeat. They include Schafer using Ben Franklins as tissue paper, toilet paper, rolling paper and more:

Tim Schafer
Double Fine/Venture Beat

Jokes aside, a recently posted update shows that in addition to presenting a brand-new (and final) incentive, the promise that the game will be bigger and better than originally envisioned was again reiterated:

The blooper reel for the original pitch video is also worth watching for those who haven't seen it.

To help put the amount raised via the crowd-sourced fundraising effort into perspective, Kotaku recently highlighted a tweet by Schafer in which he notes how $3 million was the budget for his last adventure title, "Grim Fandango." That one was funded and published by the usual channels, which is why many feel that Double Fine's success may help to forever change the business of making games.

Not surprisingly, there has also been a certain amount of backlash, which is par for the course for any high-profile, universally celebrated success. Virtually every article written about it has at least one person in the comments section asking if those funding the game will see any of the profits, and if not, why not?

Which, in turn, gets plenty of responses in which the original person is asked, among other things, if he or she is aware of how Kickstarter works in the first place. Kotaku also notes that for the final hours, Double Fine will livestream the countdown.

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