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Tweets disappear from LinkedIn stream in sharing power play

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Devin Coldewey /

Passing your updates from one service to another has become standard among social networks: your tweets can be shared on Facebook, your status updates pushed to LinkedIn, and so on. But it may not be a free-for-all forever. Friday brought news that Twitter users will no longer be able to send their tweets to LinkedIn.

It was announced on LinkedIn's blog, and the changes will take effect immediately. The say it is due to Twitter's "evolving platform efforts," and that's more or less true: Twitter has been focusing on their own core platform lately instead of reaching out to partners.

Some of those changes involve features that will only be available on the Twitter website or app, like the new "cards," which would not translate properly to other services. Other tools and services would be similarly missed should tweets be read on LinkedIn or Facebook, so the automatic pushing of tweets to other networks is no longer as easy as it once was.

You will still be able to send something to both services, but it will have to originate on LinkedIn and be sent to Twitter, not vice versa. That means some of those extra Twitter features will be inaccessible, something power users won't like. A third-party app or service may be able to bridge the gap, so users won't miss out, but the relationship between Twitter and LinkedIn seems to be degrading and this probably won't be the last of this kind of announcement.

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