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Twitter accounts soon to outnumber U.S. population

With 8.3 new user accounts registered every second, Twitter has now reached more than 301 million users, a number that nearly matches the population of the United States (307 million and some).

By tomorrow, Twitter will have 302 million accounts. The math is from, which tracks such things.

While the account numbers are impressive — and about half of what Facebook has — it's well-known that not everyone is tweeting their hearts out:'s Athima Chansanchai wrote recently that "50 percent of tweets that other people pick up are generated by only 20,000 'elite users,' in which "the media produces the most information, but celebrities are the most followed." So those that squawk on Twitter a lot, dominate the conversation a lot, even if they are fewer in numbers."

And, as Gawker commented Thursday, "Sadly, many of those Twitter people are inactive zombies, or mute. And even the 21 million or so who are active aren't making very much money for the company; Twitter's revenue was reportedly just $45 million last year, a tiny fraction of its more than $1.5 billion in venture funding, to say nothing of competitor Facebook's reported $2 billion in 2010 revenue."

The Twitter account numbers are worldwide, of course, not just for the U.S. As recently reported, less than 10 percent of Americans are using Twitter. Still, it's impressive for the short-messaging site, which limits posts to 140 characters, and wasn't much of a blip on the screen three years ago, when it had about 300,000 users.

— Via Gawker

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