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Twitter's Qwikster gets offers, trusts no one

Several hours after Netflix made its surprise announcement, renaming its DVD-by-mail service Qwikster, the account holder of that very Twitter handle said he was offered $1,000 for it. But he's being cagey about whether he'll take it.

"Got offer $1,000. But idk (I don't know) but you guys should follow my bro @SoccerIsLifegc7 n ill think about selling it to who ever supports my bro," tweeted Jason Castillo Monday.

As's Rosa Golijan noted earlier in the day, Castillo, who appears to be a high-school student, "has interests revolving around girls" and "vulgarities ...  based on his tweets." As she added: "It's perhaps worth noting that his Twitter user icon is an image of Sesame Street character Elmo holding" a smoke of some kind.

@SoccerIsLifegc7, referred to by Castillo, is his buddy and apparently, as of today, his business manager. Presumably a fellow student, Gabriel Caicedo tweeted this within the last hour:

Castillo may have some trouble "selling" the Twitter account name, though. As Twitter's "Name Squatting Policy" states:

Attempts to sell, buy, or solicit other forms of payment in exchange for usernames are also violations and may result in permanent account suspension.

It is not entirely clear that Castillo or his crony fully understand what's going on, from the potentially lucrative deal to the sudden, intense media interest. In subsequent tweets he reports "I'm about to go play soccer n I got stug by a [expletive] bee," then says, "Don't believe that [racial epithet] that sed the bought my [expletive] cuz it aint tru." 

Still, Caicedo says, "Me n @Qwikster know wat we're doin." 

Stay tuned. The Netflix Qwikster movie is on.

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