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Verizon offering AT&T iPhone trade-in program?

Are you so unhappy with AT&T's iPhone service that you'd trade the phone into Verizon Wireless, get up to $360 in credit for it and buy a new iPhone 4 and sign up for a two-year contract with Verizon?

That's what Verizon is apparently offering, according to an e-mail shared by

Verizon is "allowing some existing AT&T iPhone customers to trade-in their iPhone for credit when buying a new Verizon iPhone 4," the site said they're:

... not sure if this will be offered to non-corporate accounts, but the trade-in price list is as follows:iPhone 2G — 16GB: $60iPhone 3G — 16GB: $105iPhone 3Gs — 32GB: $160iPhone 4 — 16GB: $280iPhone 4 — 32GB: $360

We're waiting to hear from Verizon on whether this is true, and if it is, whether it applies to all customers, or just corporate types.

Again, the amounts represent a credit you'd get with Verizon, not actual cash for your iPhone.

It's hard to imagine anyone who now has the iPhone 4 with AT&T trading it in: Remember, earlier this year (knowing its exclusive run with the iPhone was ending) AT&T upped the early termination fee for the iPhone — and other smart phones — to a whopping $325 from $175.

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