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Verizon to roll out $15 limited data plan

Engadget's Chris Ziegler

  • He contrasts Verizon's tiered plan to AT&T's, which was the first major carrier to come out with these kind of limits. AT&T offers 200MB for $15 under its DataPlus plan. (AT&T also offers a 2GB DataPro plan for $25 but no unlimited option.)
  • Verizon's unlimited data plan will remain $29.99.

There'll be $20, $35, and $50 tablet plans for 1GB, 3GB, and 5GB of data, respectively, all with overage costs of $10 per gigabyte. There will also be a $80 plan for 10GB with the same overage rate.MiFi, FiveSpot, and integrated netbook / notebook modem owners will choose between $50 / 5GB and $80 / 10GB plans. The MiFi and FiveSpot will also have access to the tablet-centric $35 / 3GB plan as part of a 90-day promo. All of these plans have overage priced at 1GB for $10.

press conference earlier this month

When asked about a pricing plan, McAdam said that Verizon hasn't finalized those yet, but, "Customers are going to need to shfit consumption to pay as you use. LTE doesn't force us to move to that model, but clearly over time we'll be migrating to buckets of megabits or gigabits, to buy what they need."

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