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Video: The twisted paper robots are coming

Video grab of paper robot
Video grab of paper robot.YouTube

Those who worry our fascination with ever-more sophisticated robots will certainly spell our doom may find relief that some of our most brilliant minds are focusing their creative energy on robots made entirely out of paper and wooden dowels. Its power source is a twisted up rubber band.

The video above showing the intricate process to build of the biped paper robot is making the rounds on the Internet. It is worth a view for anyone who ever folded up a piece of paper and sent it haphazardly soaring across a classroom.

While you may not think such robots are much of a threat to the start-of-the automatons fabricated out of cutting edge lightweight alloys, high-tech circuitry and super-sophisticated algorithms, the paper robot can be outfitted with a rubber-band powered Gatling gun, as demonstrated in the clip below.

 – via Engadget 

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