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Viral video reveals Old Spice Guy's secrets

Everything touched by Isaiah "Old Spice Guy" Mustafa seems to turn into viral video gold — and we suspect that not even a behind-the-scenes look at an Old Spice commercial will be an exception.

After all, this particular video actually shows us some of the secrets and tricks necessary to pull off the elaborate commercials which we love so very much.

The folks at Mashable pointed out the fantastic clip and explained that it reveals just how a brilliant crew manages to shoot Old Spice's commercials — and YouTube hits — in one take: 

Yes, those are some crazy props.

Thanks to some post-production magic, all the wires and creaking sounds which mar the clip disappear later on and are replaced with perfect video and sound effects. Brilliant, no?

While we're certain that the crazy one-take nature of commercials like this isn't what makes them so prone to going viral, we do believe that it definitely doesn't hurt.

And in the end, the combination of those well-produced videos, Mustafa's comedic skill, and clever marketing campaigns — such as a recent series of response videos to customer questions posted on Twitter and Facebook — makes Old Spice Guy a success.

And that's part's definitely not a secret.

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