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What if the iPhone had a self-destruct feature?


"If I can't have my iPhone, no one can!"

That's what I thought after my precious smartphone was stolen right out of my hand a couple years ago. Unfortunately all the rage in the world wasn't enough to convince AT&T and Apple to send a team of ninja assassins after the robber — so he wound up keeping the gadget.

Now, if the iPhone had a self-destruct feature, things would've gone quite differently. 

I would've walked away from the theft, grinning and humming the "Mission Impossible" theme song — because I'd know that too many failed attempts to crack my iPhone's passcode would result in a small explosion.

In theory, that'd be the perfect deterrent, as the silly clip above demonstrates. I just wonder if the folks at Aatma Studio, the group who created the concept video, considered what happens if an iPhone owner forgets his or her password or accidentally enters the wrong one over and over again while sleepy, intoxicated or otherwise distracted.

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