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Which type of iPhone user are you?

Click on the image to view it in full.
Click on the image to view it in full.Infographic by

Whether you're completely obsessed, mostly ambivalent, or slightly bored when it comes to your iPhone, odds are that you can be classified as one of seven types of iPhone owners. Don't think so? Check out this infographic.

The folks at decided to create the infographic on the right — which you can click on in order to view it in its full glory — to discuss the various sorts of iPhone users. Some are fanboys, some are overusers, and some fit into more than one category.

Which are you?

And let's add a little twist to things while at it: Are you going to be that sort of iPhone users on AT&T's or Verizon's network?

If you're still just barely catching up on all the information about that shiny new Verizon iPhone 4 and can't decide, just follow the links below — they'll have everything you need to know:

All caught up? Great. Let's go back to wondering about which sort of stereotypical iPhone user you are.

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