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Why net neutrality won't lead to free and open Internet

It's a nightmare scenario: One day, you log on to the Web, and only 20 or 25 Web sites built by brand-name Net companies fire up quickly. Everything else — all the mom-and-pop sites, all the niche retailers, all the alternative blogs you read — dribble out onto your screen like it's 1996 all over again. But this is a nightmare, too: You log on to the Web after work, and nothing seems to be working. That's because the people living in the three other apartments in your building are busy downloading one pirated Blu-ray movie while watching another. Or spammers have taken control of your neighbors' machines and are pumping out millions of e-mails, totally clogging your Internet pipe. You call your ISP and complain. An operator there says, "Sorry, those pirates and spammers have just as much right to the network as you do." explains the truth behind the buzzwords The Red Tape Chronicles