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WikiLeaks kerfuffle 'explained' in latest CGI video

\"The Dude\" on the left totally looks like CGI Jeff Bridges! (Right?!)
\"The Dude\" on the left totally looks like CGI Jeff Bridges! (Right?!)

The release of a quarter-million secret U.S. diplomatic communiqués could lead to serious misunderstandings in some of the most sensitive parts of the world — but why should you be confused!

The whizzes behind the Taiwanese animation company NMA have once again interpreted a major news event for your convenience with this computer-animated summary of the latest WikiLeaks kerfuffle.

Here we see still-flaxen haired WikiLeaks Julian Assange battling with an excrement-stealing "Uncle Sam," in what appears to be another digitally-enhanced roll for "Tron" star Jeff Bridges. (Ladies, am I right?)

Also featured is a cavalcade of world leader caricatures — a suddenly-naked French president Nicolas Sarkozy, go-go dancing Colonel Muammar Gaddafi (go-go dancing apparently de rigueur in all NMA productions) and bare-breasted, chest-beating "alpha dog," Vladmir Putin (aka "Batman.") Note: No actual secrets were spilled in the making of this video.

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