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Windows RT devices will have 320 hours of standby

Pre-release Windows RT PC prototype and evolution
Photo of what Microsoft callsMicrosoft

It's hard to imagine a Windows PC staying on standby for nearly two weeks, but those that use Windows RT will have least 320 hours of connected standby time, says Microsoft.

Mike Angiulo,  vice president of Microsoft's ecosystem and planning team, writes in a blog posting that tablets and laptops with screen sizes from 10.1 to 11.6 inches using the new OS will:

... move into a new low-power mode that allows it to keep your data fresh and current while also not requiring a battery charge for days. And when you need your system, it will turn on in less than a second at the touch of a button, which is a mobile phone experience but in a full PC.

"These devices will stay on for over 320 hours at a time without a charge while connected to the network as if they were smartphones on battery steroids," wrote George Ou in a commentary for Information Week

Windows RT scenario

Windows RT — the RT stands for "run time" — is one of three new versions of Windows that is due out Oct. 26, along with Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro.

RT is "not just for tablet form factors," Angiulo wrote. "Some of our Windows RT PCs come with full keyboard and touchpad solutions, whether removable/dockable or a traditional clamshell. Not only do these solutions provide additional battery capacity, but they also provide a new touchpad experience that incorporates intuitive Windows 8 gestures."

Some Windows RT devices will also incorporate Near Field Communication (NFC), which can be used for payments by sending small amounts of data like credit-card numbers over short distances. And there are other uses, as well, Angiulo wrote.

"By simply tapping two NFC-enabled Windows RT PCs together, users can easily share photos, URLs, map directions, and anything else that our software partners have designed into their Windows apps."

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