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You can now enjoy 'Toylet' at home

Sega of Japan

Familiar with "Toylet"? It's a device that turns any urinal into a video game system, one initially designed for patrons at bars in Japan. It received plenty of attention once word of its existence hit the Internet last year.

But those assuming that they'd have to make the trek to a Japanese bar to enjoy such a curiosity now have another option: They just need to find someone who purchased the kit for their home.

The contraption, which was originally sold to owners of bars, has been made available to the public. But to enjoy "Toylet" in one's own bathroom, a hefty price must be paid. According to Kotaku, the base hardware is $1,747.

Next are the mini games, which like Toylet itself, are completely controlled by one's urinal stream. Each cost mini game costs $125. There's also the coin box that accepts 10 yen coins. That extra will require an additional $312.

"Toylet" is the creation of Sega. For many years, die-hard Sega fans have been hoping for a new home system; the company's last was in 1999, the Dreamcast. Though "Toylet" may not be the re-entry into the home market that everyone was hoping for.

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