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Your PC might just play Xbox 360 games

Rumor has it, Windows 8 will let you play Xbox 360 games on your PC.
Rumor has it, Windows 8 will let you play Xbox 360 games on your PC.Microsoft

Microsoft's next operating system will include a feature that will allow gamers to play Xbox 360 titles on their PCs — at least according to some insider information making the rounds.

Insideris is reporting that unnamed sources have told them that Windows 8 will enable Xbox 360 gaming on PCs — though PC owners will have to pay a subscription fee akin to the one Xbox owners pay for access to Xbox Live. ( is a joint venture of Microsoft and NBC Universal.)

And here's a tidbit that seems to back up the rumor: Clever snoopers have discovered references to the Xbox 360 in Windows 8 kernel code.

On the downside, apparently this feature will not allow PC owners to play multiplayer games against Xbox 360 owners — at least not initially. After all, it's generally agreed that PC players using mice would have a distinct advantage over their controller-holding competitors.

Windows 8 doesn't yet have an official launch date. But with a new version of the Xbox reportedly arriving in the next couple of years, this move is expected to help extend the 360's lifespan.

What do you think, gamers: Is this too good to be true? Is this something you would use and pay for? If so, what Xbox 360 games would you like to play on your PC?

(Thanks to the Escapist for the heads up.)

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