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Zuckerberg's stalker caught on video -- sort of

Tawianese animation outfit NMA made its name via a colorful re-imagining of Tiger Woods' Thanksgiving Day car accident. Later efforts, including that one time Justin Bieber had syphilis and Lindsay Lohan's jail time, show the group has a gift for celebrity gossip.

NMA's true love, however, is combining that ability with Silicon Alley news. In its latest effort, the team that brought us Ninja Steve Jobs and the history of the AOL/Huffington Post merger, tells the tale of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's stalker.

As with NMA's one-minute summary of the Oscar-nominated movie "The Social Network," Zuckerberg is animated as a little boy in a mustard-yellow hoodie and baggie shorts. Here, he's running from a lipstick-wearing male stalker who appears around every corner. Jabs are made regarding Facebook's privacy policy issues, and as with most NMA videos, sexual perversions are implied. 

Needless to say, it probably didn't happen this way.

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