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Zynga game 'The Ville' lets you (virtually) get it on

The Ville
\"The Ville\" lets you be more than just friends with your (virtual) friends.Zynga

Things are getting hot and heavy in Zynga's newest Facebook game. That is, if you consider some PG-rated virtual sex to be hot and heavy. 

Following the success of games like "FarmVille," "CityVille" and "CastleVille," Facebook gaming giant Zynga this week launched its latest Ville game which is called simply "The Ville."

This strategy-based life simulation game lets players create a personalized avatar, build a home and live out virtual relationships. And according to Zynga executive producer David Gray who spoke to CNET, the avatars in the game can (gasp!) make whoopee. Yes, whoopee.

Gray told CNET that it works like this:

...when someone is in your house and you begin to interact with them, you can level up by interacting with them in ways that the game sees as romantic. As you climb the experience tree, you eventually unlock the capability to initiate the "happiness home run," or just "whoopee"

Based on some of the breathy Zynga sex-related headlines making the Internet rounds this week (the above one included), this virtual sex business may sound like risque stuff.

It is not.

Prudes (or concerned parents) can rest assured, making whoopee is pretty tame stuff. There is, apparently, partial disrobing before floating hearts cover the bedroom. Hide your eyes! It's FLOATING HEARTS! 

Meanwhile, Zynga's frisky avatars are hardly the first to get it on Facebook style.

It's not an overstatement to say that "The Ville" has taken a whole lot of cues from the long-running, best-selling "Sims" games from Electronic Arts -- and specifically from the new "Sims Social" game on Facebook. And those randy Sims characters have been making quite a lot of woo-hoo (not to be confused with whoopee) on Facebook for months now.

In fact, In January, EA released this infographic, announcing that "Sims Social" avatars make whoo-hoo 680,000 times per day. And here is the whoo-hoo in action. C'mon, you know you want to see it:

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