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Are You a Jerk on Xbox One? Now Everybody Will Know

Microsoft has introduced a new reputation score system that lets other gamers know if you're a bad sport.
Xbox One Reputation Score

Do you taunt other players after winning a game of "NBA 2K14"? Spew obscenities after getting killed in "Call of Duty"?

Well, Microsoft is going to punish you for it. The company has officially unveiled its reputation score system for people who play games online on Xbox One.

Xbox One Reputation Score

“Good Players” will eventually get “rewards for good behavior,” Micheal Dunn, program manager on Xbox Live, wrote in a blog post.

Starting this month, players who have occasionally been jerks on Xbox Live will get slapped with a “Needs Work” rating, which will “remind players about their effect on the community and encourage them to have more positive interactions.” Like the kid who eats earthworms in the schoolyard, nobody will want to play with you.

Eventually, if you keep acting up, you will get hit with the dreaded “Avoid Me” rating. The digital equivalent of a dunce cap, it will mean “reduced matchmaking pairings” and could lose offenders their Twitch broadcast privileges.

Xbox Live and other online gaming networks have let players report bad behavior in the past. This new move, however, will make a gamer's reputation accessible with a quick glance at their profile.

Considering that most gamers are over the age of 30, you would think a rating system like this would not be necessary. Just remember what you learned in tee-ball. If you lose, say "Good game," and leave gracefully. No virtual demerits required.