Hyrule for Sale: ‘Legend of Zelda’ Monopoly Coming in Fall

Forget Park Place; save up your rupees to buy Hyrule Castle. Yes, "The Legend of Zelda" will soon be available in Monopoly form, complete with tokens inspired by the best-selling fantasy game including a hookshot, bow and boomerang. It also comes with Zelda-themed cash, so there is no need to smash all of the pots in your house looking for money. Hardcore fans might want to consider the special GameStop version, which includes an Ocarina of Time token and some other extras. The Nintendo-licensed product is hitting stores on Sept. 15 for $39.99. For parents looking to entertain their kids, it could be the perfect Nintendo appetizer before "Hyrule Warriors" and "Super Smash Bros. for Wii U" come out later this year.

Legend of Zelda Monopoly
In Monopoly, iron is out and cat is in 0:24



-- Keith Wagstaff